Affiliate Program

What is an Affiliate?

An affiliate is a valued partner in the LIILA community who actively promotes our sustainable fashion brand and earns a commission for each item sold through their unique affiliate link. At LIILA, we believe in rewarding those who share our passion for eco-friendly fashion. As an affiliate, you not only contribute to spreading the message of conscious living but also earn $5 per item sold through your efforts (please note that commission rates are subject to change and may vary based on your time spent as an affiliate, level of influence, and other factors). Importantly, being a LIILA affiliate incurs no fees, ensuring that participating in our program is not only rewarding but also accessible to all if accepted.

Being a LIILA affiliate means joining a movement that combines style with sustainability. By leveraging your network and platforms, you play a pivotal role in encouraging responsible consumer choices while enjoying the benefits of a rewarding partnership, all for FREE.

How to be a Liila Affiliate

Sign Up: The journey begins by signing up for the LIILA Affiliate Program through our quick application. It's a quick and straightforward process designed to get you started in no time.
Approval: Once you've applied, our dedicated team will review your application promptly. Upon approval, you'll gain exclusive access to your personalized affiliate dashboard.
Get Your Unique Link: Inside your dashboard, locate and grab your personalized affiliate link. This unique URL is your key to earning commissions on sales generated through your promotional efforts.
Promote LIILA: Share your unique affiliate link across your blog, social media channels, or website. Showcase the beauty of LIILA's sustainable fashion and encourage your audience to make conscious choices.
Earn Commissions: As a LIILA Affiliate, you'll earn $5 for each item sold through your affiliate link. Keep track of your performance, view real-time analytics, and watch your earnings grow.

By becoming a LIILA Affiliate, you not only align yourself with a brand committed to positive change but also open up opportunities to earn while sharing your passion for sustainable living. Join us, and let's make a difference together, one commission at a time!

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